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B760069F-A577-4FF0-990D-3CDF2C5305FDMy latest book, a memoir of my childhood in Argentina has been published on Amazon. It is available as an ebook for Kindle, iPad and other tablets. Later this month it will appear in paperback with a different cover.

FA91361D-6434-40FA-9DAA-050F4E541C20Edited Proofed and published my new novel:



At present the two books in the centre of the illustration (below) are only available directly from me. Contact by email:

The other two are available on Amazon in paperback or download on kindle, iPad etc.




                             This was the first book of its kind in this breed. It includes 80 black/white and 20 colour photographs with a four generation pedigree for each dog


The Field Spaniel – Anecdotes and Observations by Phyllis Goodwin

This book is the author’s celebration of the Field Spaniel. It will be of interest to owners and anyone thinking of buying one of these delightful dogs.

It includes a short history and covers a variety of general topics such as breeding, feeding and grooming. It also embraces the author’s experiences in showing, working and taking care of the older dog. Health problems are discussed, in particular, ailments that have become familiar to the author in her time with Fields. The illustrations are mainly informal photographs, tables and graphs.

Focus is given to six of the well-known kennels of the 80s and 90s and also incorporated are Roy Robinson’s Colour Inheritance in the Field Spaniel plus articles and short stories by the author.

Over 100 colour photographs


CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA: Inspired by a true story eBook: Phyllis Goodwin: Kindle Store

My first novel was published as an Ebook in March twenty thirteen. This year I published the same book as a paperback in Creatspace (twenty fifteen). The cover was changed so that I could use a photo of my Mother. The story is based on the life-stories of my parents. It covers their very different childhoods and their amazing chance meeting far away in Argentina. Sybil’s job as a Nanny took her to Switzerland and then South America. William worked with A. V. Roe and flew in some of the early bomber planes. After the war he went to Argentina as a Surveyor and Engineer on the British Railways. They lived for some time at the foot of the Andes. Some of the stories and intrigues are purely fictional, especially the spy bits.


The Short Stories in this book have been written over the last twenty-five years. Most of them are about my experiences with my Field Spaniels. Others are about my travels. Some are true and others are figments of my imagination. I am pleased to announce that nine of the articles have been written by other Field Spaniel aficionados. We all have the same thing in common: love for our breed whether showing, working or mostly celebrating them as our pets. My friends and contributors are Rob Ellis, Malcolm Fowkes, Christine Messer, Clive Rowlands, Pamela Rowlands and Howard Taylor. A big thank you for taking part!

Published 2016.