About me


Bath, Somerset is the place where I was born. It was also my mother’s birth place. My father was a Mancunian and very proud of the fact. When I was three months old I was taken by my parents to Argentina and the three of us lived there until 1949.

I went to Grammar School in Bath,  College in London, Teacher Training and University in Southampton. Married Derek in 1956 and, tragically, I lost him in 2001. Our children, Leslie, Guy and grandchildren Ben, Julia, Vincent and Ellena regularly keep in touch with me. Their busy lives and adventure stories give me pleasure and keep me amused.

My home at Maydene is filled with books, pictures and four Field Spaniels. I belong to Wight Writers and attend the NRAS meetings and Coffee mornings.  I have many friends here and on the mainland. The Isle of Wight is a lovely place to live.