Winnie the Pooh Bathroom

4E1314FA-020C-40C4-BCE9-120666A1A594My three little friends are moving because my downstairs toilet room is being re-decorated. I think it’s time to change the theme. My eldest grandson is over twenty years old and researching something or other at Cardiff University and my eldest Granddaughter is at Uni. doing Media Studies.  It is time to change!

I’ll let you into a secret – I chose the theme because I’m a Pooh follower! Not only that, I like Paddington bear also. To tell you the truth I like these children’s stories. Are they old fashioned, like me? I’m not keen on modern realistic stories and their garish illustrations!

So now I have purchased some wheelie bin stickers and the new theme will include mainly butterflies, bees, squirrels, daffodils and tulips.

I shall miss smiling at Tigger when I’m sitting on the throne!



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