The weather has been so terrible that I have not been able to walk to the top of my garden. Louise took the dogs up and kindly took some photos for me. It was frosty that day   so the flowers looked frozen. Mungo had to show us up by sitting on the Snowdrops!!! The other three mooched around sniffing for mice in the woodpiles. I shall be pleased when I can walk up there again and enjoy the views of the donkey sanctuary and Culver Cliff. On a fine day I can see ships sailing in the Solent. I can always dream of being on a CRUISE LINER sailing to warmer climes.

1 thought on “Snowdrops”

  1. Daft dog! Loving your snowdrops Phyllis, we have one or two clumps in a border at the side of the drive and I always feel uplifted when I see them. I’m finding that it’s not so pleasant walking our little Parsons JR in this weather – roll on warmer and sunnier days! 🙂


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