Christmas Cards


Each year the number of cards I send decreases – yet I have more friends! Our way of life changes and I suppose we try to change and keep up. We may not always manage it but is it important to try?

In my opinion, it is. As we are lucky enough to live in England, we are free to choose though considering fake news and all that other stuff, I know that some of our people are locked into misery of some kind or another. Others are not interested  or just don’t want to join in the rush. So what I’m getting at is that I still send a few cards to relations and friends in the latter category. Some receive both!

I enjoy trying to design my own card each year including my best friends who live at Maydene – my four Field Spaniels. Secondly, I save money on postage and cards. I can send my Internet cards to friends all over the world and I can feel smug about wasting paper and chopping down trees in the Amazon jungle. So tips about Christmas Cards:

1. Make your own

2. Save on postage

3. Do your bit saving the planet from more rubbish

4. Don’t worry about BREXIT

5. Just enjoy Christmas in your own way!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards”

  1. For the past couple of years I’ve reduced the number of cards I’ve sent in the post, preferring to contribute the money to local charities. This year I got it down to five older aunts and one special friend, who doesn’t have a computer, so isn’t on social media. I bought special cards from a friend who makes them to sell. As my family are busy on the mainland, I told them not to worry about making a flying visit to the island ~ I’d prefer them to come over for longer when it’s warmer and we can spend more ‘quality time’ together. So Martin and I and our little dog Indie had a lovely time at home on our own, without having to prepare meals etc. And, wonder of wonders, I have started writing again, after a very long, frustrating dry spell! Wishing you a very Happy and Productive New Year Phyllis! 🙂

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