7E8EEB29-06AE-45F3-979A-F0053EA77BE2I’ve just had part of my novel edited and I’m ashamed to say that the bulk of my red crosses (sometimes green) appeared where I omitted or used the incorrect punctuation. At my Writing Group we usually read out our latest chapter followed by members giving us a critique. They don’t see the punctuation or lack of it. The spelling mistakes are also hidden. What is the answer? How do we save time?

TAKE more Time and care in the first place! I expect most authors have a system of checking for errors. Apparently there are 14 common punctuation marks in the English language!

Please share if you can help…

1 thought on “Punctuation”

  1. I’m always terrified of making punctuation or spelling mistakes Phyllis – I used to be so good at English Language when I was at school but I’ve forgotten much of what I learnt….or should that be learned? Haha! x


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