Hot Pink Music Stand


The piano and the guitar are the two instruments that I have endeavoured to play in the past. The piano I never kept up because I preferred netball and hockey! The piano lessons were during the lunch hour and I preferred to be out with my team mates.

The guitar I tried when my children were in their early teens. I worked hard on one tune that was in my Guitar book – ‘Land of the Silver Birch’. I really liked it but my family members thought it was a joke me, playing the guitar!

Well, so why have I bought a music stand. I’ve been rather quiet lately on my media sites. It’s because I have had an excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder. My R.A. Consultant arranged for me to attend physiotherapy at a local clinic. So what? You are probably thinking. Well firstly I had charming young man treating me and that lifted my spirits.

Then he told me what the trouble was – too much looking down at my iPad and laptop when I’m writing. So now I have three exercises that I have to do. Also I need to have my iPad at eye level and not look down.

Discussing this situation with a friend brought forth the idea of a music stand. It came from Amazon and includes a carrying bag so I can take it with me when I go visiting!

An extra bonus – my friend has given it to me as a Christmas present – how cool is that?

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