Autumclean 2


Runner Bean seeds are dry. I need to find a paper bag to

store them in. Last time I ordered bananas from the supermarket they were in a brown paper bag with handles. I found that they remained fresh for longer than usual. Was it the dryness and darkness. What do you think?

As for the marrows – I don’t know what to do with them! My Freezer is full of ratatouille. I expect they will be hard to cut… The trouble with me is that I have a thing about wasting food or anything else. That is why I can’t ever move house because I would have to discard all my special items that other people consider to be rubbish!

2 thoughts on “Autumclean 2”

  1. It’s interesting that your bananas lasted longer in the brown bag, Phyllis ~ I’m going to try that out. I didn’t grow any runner beans this year but last year one regenerated from a plant that I’d cut down but left the roots in the pot. (filled in my raised beds as they became too difficult for me to manage.) I hate wasting food too ~ there’s an apple tree on my morning dog walk which is dropping fruit all over the path but the branches are too high for me to scrump them. Now that I’ve become vegetarian I’m finding tasty ways of using seasonal veggies and ratatouille is one of my favourite dishes ~ I was going to freeze some but I ate it all instead! Great post. 😊


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